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What Is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization is different from regular SEO. In fact, there are over 200+ local SEO factors according to the industry leaders over at Moz. The main difference between normal SEO and Local SEO is that the campaign targets customers based on their location.

Search engines are a lot smarter than they used to be. If you open your phone and search “Chiropractor near me”, the results will be tailored to your physical location. You wont see results for Chiropractors in Miami or even articles about “Chiropractors near me.”

The reason for this is that search engines like Google focus primarily on user intent. The intention behind a search term is as important as the keywords themselves. You can thank artificial intelligence advancements for this.

Our head campaign strategist Quin has completed certificates from the Founder and Ex-Director of Google Brain: Andrew Ng on Deep Learning and Neural Networks and has this to say about the importance of understanding AI as it relates to SEO:

“Local SEO and Artificial Intelligence are no longer close friends but genetic clones. They are one in the same. Understanding powerful AI agents like Google’s RankBrain is the key to success in today’s local SEO campaigns.”

We consider local SEO its own animal separate from that of regular organic SEO – and our results have proven this to be a valuable analysis.

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As the world rapidly moves towards the use of digital tools your marketing strategies should adapt to this change as well. Every year search engines like Google are taking over local markets more and more. The question is: will your business be the one that hold position number one?

97% of consumers use search to find local businesses.
88% of local business searches on mobile either call or visit within 24 hours.
46% of searches on Google are local.

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At  RankTITAN SEO we focus on your exact competitive positions and tailor a custom strategy to your market. We don’t offer “packages”, we offer solutions. Your solution will be vetted by experienced experts with a long history of results.


Links are the main contributor to your ranking in major search engine algorithms. Our campaigns cover this completely.


We pinpoint the exact keywords that are winning your competitors clients and develop a plan to put your business first with intense data analysis.


The code on your website tells a story that search engines know exactly how to read. It also is a major factor in how your business gets seen on the internet. Our in house engineers can handle any site.


Track your keywords as they get closer to page one. Buyer beware: this can become quite addicting to watch your improvements.


Content is King. Anything that keeps clients on your page and off your competitors is good content. We know exactly how to keep eyes glued to your company site.


Know exactly who is buying and where they are coming from. Data plays a major role in a good campaign and our trained specialists know exactly how to utilize it.

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Our team doesn’t just specialize in SEO. We are dedicated to technology and its incredibly versatile uses in the world of business. Your business is in expert hands and will be covered from A – Z with any size campaign.

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