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What you get from Local SEO


Go ahead and search your service + city on Google right now. The front page results are all recognizable. Where do you stand?


Get the traffic that is most likely to buy right away. Your customers pick from page one 92% of the time.

Search Engine Optimization with RankTITAN means limitless expansion. Our results scale up to your desire.

Curious Where Your Company Stands?

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An Investment In Your Company's Future

Getting more local traffic with high intent

Search Engine Optimization has been used as a tactic that top companies utilize to rapidly grow their businesses since search engines came into existence. Now it is no longer limited to Fortune 500 companies thanks to Local SEO.


As major search engines like Google introduce smarter algorithms to match searchers with exactly what they are looking for the chance for local businesses to become the dominant force in their market has began to arise.

Google now looks at the GPS location of searches on top of localized search terms such as “Vancouver Chiropractor.” This means with a proper SEO campaign your business can become the default click for anyone in your local area. The difference between you and the companies on the front page is SEO. Google is here to stay and the companies that act now will benefit more and more as other mediums become less valuable.


What makes a good SEO campaign?

Delivering Expert Grade Campaigns

Our process utilizes the cutting edge in industry standards to provide certainty for your tailor made campaign.

We build links to your website from high authority sites to let Google know you mean business. Currently the number one most valuable signal to Google for page rank.


Know exactly how well the campaign is doing and where your keywords are ranking with custom reports available in your client dashboard.

The structure of your website and its code directly changes your rank in Google. We optimize your site with our in house engineers.

We do extensive research on your market and find the exact keywords that will bring traffic to your website that is most likely to convert.

We make sure your business information is available publicly to Googles crawlers with our massive list of valuable and proven citations.

The bread and butter of SEO is keeping users engaged on your website. Google pays attention to sites which bring value to users via content and we optimize for it.

Our Process

Seamless Execution

Getting started is a breeze and you can expect almost no time commitment to our process. Of course, during the course of the campaign if you have questions or are simply curious a local Vancouver expert is always ready for your call.

1. Start Now: a professional will get started on a comprehensive audit of your situation. Free of charge with no obligation

2. Campaign Start: when you are happy with the plan we get started right away on building content, on-page optimizations, and off-page strategy

3. The Sweet Spot: after the startup phase Google will begin taking note of the changes and you can expect your ranking to be constantly improving. This part of the process is ongoing and the most valuable

What Clients Think About Us


When we accept a client and begin working with them there is no “maybe next time” or “I guess it just didn’t work” we always find a working solution that allows our clients to receive incredible ROI.

When I saw my page on the front page of the search it felt like Christmas morning. I cant recommend these guys enough....

Francis R.

Vancouver, BC

I followed my gut on doing SEO and it ended being the most valuable business decision I have made in a long time. Thanks to Quin and the team....

Carol W.

North Vancouver, BC